Jenny Light lives in Kilmarnock, Scotland. She started yoga at the age of nine and has been a yoga teacher and meditation teacher since 2000. She initially trained in Dru Yoga but has fallen in love with the specific skeletal alignments through feet and hands of Scaravelli Yoga. She teaches yoga classes in Troon, Scotland.

Jenny had kundalini awakening as a child and has been traveling the road less traveled in meditation since the age of 14. She has dedicated her life to fostering others' spirituality and has a depth of wisdom and understanding that is palpable to all who meet her. She has the capacity to transform the lives of all her students.

Jenny mainly focuses on teaching Yogic Meditation. She runs 4 development classes in Glasgow and Kilmarnock for those who have completed her intensive meditation courses, which is also offered as a distance option. Her 2nd book on Yogic Meditation is due late 2018 in Mantra Books. She runs workshops, retreats and training courses on request.

Growing up with her mother as a healer, Jenny naturally followed, training with the NFSH in 1989 and United Spiritual Healers in 2014. She latterly trained in Spiritual Response Therapy and in Advanced Sound Healing, through which, she can shift entrenched blocks to her clients' healing process.

Jenny Light is an author and inspirational speaker on recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.). She became ill with the condition in 2010 and left a career in teaching, but she blesses the condition for helping her discover herself.