Meditation Retreat
to Nov 19

Meditation Retreat

Transcending the 3 Gunas

The nature of this retreat will be a deeper study of the gunas or ‘strands of cord’ which tie us into Prakriti (Physical Nature) through attachment to desires and to the results of our actions.

Sattvic : Benevolent actions

Rajistic: Activity that is selfishly led

Tamasic: Inaction, laziness and ignorance

The three gunas are intertwined strands of binding cords to the cycle of birth and rebirth until we can learn to transcend these states of being.

Over the weekend, we will explore these in depth and learnbreath techniques and meditations to focus on sattvic practice. We will also learn how to put this benevolent practice to practical application in activity.


’It is said that the fruit of sattvic action is harmony and purity. The fruit of rajisticaction is pain. The fruit of tamasic action is ignorance.’

Bhagavad Gita14:16

  Cost: £75 includes lunches

This non-residential retreat in Kilmarnock is open to all students who have completed the 8 week or online meditation course.

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Healing Taster Week, Time to Relax Therapy Centre
to Jun 30

Healing Taster Week, Time to Relax Therapy Centre

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Would you like to experience a range of therapies but don't know which to try?

This week is for you!  Everyday, a range of therapies will be available at Time to Relax Therapy Centre in Kilmarnock at £15 for 30 minutes.

Jenny will be offering Sound Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Healing.

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Earthing Attunement and Meditation Workshop, Glasgow

Earthing Attunement and Meditation Workshop


An in-depth grounding workshop to facilitate deeper healings and meditations. At one point in our journey as a healer, we will be challenged to link at a deeper level as our light frequency increases. Inasmuch as the tallest building,requires the strongest foundation, we can establish a higher connection to spirit when deeply earthed in our life path here. Participants will be asked to remove their shoes in order to establish a deep attunement to the earth.

Core approaches in this workshop:

  • How can you know when you are earthed? Common experiences felt during ungroundedness
  • Earth Attunement
  • How to deeply attune to the Earth on a daily basis
  • Using the breath as a bridge between the outer and inner world
  • The difference between meditation and concentration
  • Meditation to connect with your divine Self.

About the course tutor:

Jenny Light is a gifted intuitive, meditation teacher and a spiritual healer for 30 years. She teaches yogic meditation courses and has been meditating for over 40 years since a life-changing experience at the age of 14. She is highly experienced at leading groups to link more deeply with their inner divine connection through meditation and divinely channelled one-to -one feedback to chart key markers for her students on their soul path.


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