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Earthing Attunement and Meditation Workshop, Glasgow

  • Unitarian Church Berkley street Glasgow uk (map)

Earthing Attunement and Meditation Workshop


An in-depth grounding workshop to facilitate deeper healings and meditations. At one point in our journey as a healer, we will be challenged to link at a deeper level as our light frequency increases. Inasmuch as the tallest building,requires the strongest foundation, we can establish a higher connection to spirit when deeply earthed in our life path here. Participants will be asked to remove their shoes in order to establish a deep attunement to the earth.

Core approaches in this workshop:

  • How can you know when you are earthed? Common experiences felt during ungroundedness
  • Earth Attunement
  • How to deeply attune to the Earth on a daily basis
  • Using the breath as a bridge between the outer and inner world
  • The difference between meditation and concentration
  • Meditation to connect with your divine Self.

About the course tutor:

Jenny Light is a gifted intuitive, meditation teacher and a spiritual healer for 30 years. She teaches yogic meditation courses and has been meditating for over 40 years since a life-changing experience at the age of 14. She is highly experienced at leading groups to link more deeply with their inner divine connection through meditation and divinely channelled one-to -one feedback to chart key markers for her students on their soul path.