Advanced Yogic Meditation Course


Advanced Yogic Meditation Course


  This Advanced Meditation course is designed to build on the skills and focus of the Foundation Meditation course by develop focus of the mind, discernment of ego and higher self and to learn tools which can be used to bring calm in everyday life.

Students learn how:

  • to tune into and change the cycle of the breath

  • to develop discernment of ego-self and Divine Self

  • to dispel maya (illusion) using specific meditation practices

  • to deepen knowledge of yogic philosophy and connection with the Divine

Cost covers tuition, course notes, and MP3 recording of each teaching session.     

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Advanced Yogic Meditation 8 Month course

This course is a deeper meditative introspection on the Divine within.

The course covers topics such as refinement of the breath using specific pranayamas such as 'Cutting the Breath' and Bhrmhari' Humming Bee' Breath. Learn how to pierce the koshas ( body sheaths) using the breath.

Discourse will be on the reality of Universal Cosmic Consciousness and identifying the false self (ego) as a non-reality. Learn how to develop discernment to identify the three states of nature (the gunas), Tamas, Rajas and Sattva, which keep us tied to the cycle of birth and rebirth. Teaching will focus on developing a more sattvic (benevolent) attitude with the goal of transcending the triple aspect of bondage via karma. Learn how to transmute karma using the breath and specific meditations.

The course participants will meet once a month for 8 months. A recording of each teaching session will be sent to all students to re-listen to the teaching and to perfect the breath practices and meditations, including those who are unable to attend a session.

For those undertaking the online course, there will be a monthly scheduled meeting ( via video conference/phone) with Jenny to directly support your progress.